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City Administrator, William Grigsby

Appointed by the City Council, the City Administrator is responsible for the planning, organizing, and directing of the day to day operation of the city. He appoints and supervises City department directors, implements policies established by the City Council, recommends actions to the Mayor and City Council, and prepares and submits the proposed annual budget to the City Council.

City Budgets

2018-2019 Budget
2017-2018 Budget
2016-2017 Budget
2015-2016 Budget
2014-2015 Budget
2013-2014 Budget
2012-2013 Budget

City Audits

2017 Annual Audit
2016 Annual Audit
2015 Annual Audit
2014 Annual Audit
2013 Annual Audit
2013 Single Audit
2012 Annual Audit
2012 Single Audit