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Public Works Director, Cort Fyvie

    The Public Works Director provides an interface between the divisions within the Public Works Department, the City Administration and City Council. 
    The Public Works Director coordinates Public Works projects with the County Engineer, City of Anahuac contract Engineer, consultants and other agencies as necessary and strives to maintain a positive working relationship required to carry out the projects.  

    Division Overviews

    Water Distribution Services

    The City of Anahuac Water Distribution Services is responsible for the distribution of water to all of the residences and business within the city limits, along with installation and maintenance on all water lines, sewer lines, meters and fire hydrants in the city.

    • Water Taps
    • Sewer Taps
    • Installation of service lines when needed
    • Installation of main line - water, sewer when needed
    • Installation of fire hydrants when needed
    • Installation of all size valves when needed
    • Maintenance on all water lines, sewer lines, meters and fire hydrants.

    • Water and Sewer Rates


    The City of Anahuac operates a rotating biological contactor facility which can biologically treat a maximum of 400,000 gallons per day of wastewater.

    Sanitation Collection

    Waste Management Inc. handles solid waste collection in the City of Anahuac. Thursday is the solid waste collection day for the entire City.