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CWSRF Update

Sanitary Sewer Systems Improvements Project(CWSRF) Update from Engineer

December 2019
B823‐1002A ‐ Planning Phase Services
LJA has divided the Planning Phase for the CWSRF Program into two phases.
Phase 1
Sanitary Sewer Collection System Rehabilitation Project
Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Project
This phase is complete.
Phase 2
Wastewater Treatment Plant
This phase is complete.

B823‐1002B ‐ Lift Station Rehabilitation Project
The pumps have been installed on the lift station slabs and the electrical subcontractor will be
installing the electrical equipment within the next few weeks.
B823‐1002C ‐ Sanitary Sewer Collection System Project
The Contractor began cleaning and televising the sanitary sewer collection lines just before
Christmas. That effort will likely continue for a month or two. We expect that the actual
pipebursting efforts will begin before the televising is complete – most likely in the next month.

B823‐1002D ‐ Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project
LJA has completed the hydraulic and biological design of the WWTP. We have completed most of
the detailed design with only building plans, structural steel and concrete plans, and electrical
plans remaining.
We still need to get direction from the City on the means of sludge drying. Once we get that
direction, additional engineering plans may need to be developed.
We will continue to keep the staff involved in the design process. We are planning to coordinate
a meeting with the City staff for later this month. We are hopeful that plans will be completed by
the by February and ready to send to the TWDB for approval.