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DWSRF Update

Water Systems Improvements Project(DWSRF) Update from Engineers

December 2019

B823‐1001A ‐ Planning Phase Services
LJA has completed the planning phase services for this loan program.
B823‐1001B ‐ Ground Storage Tank Replacement Project
The construction is in progress. The tank has been erected. The yard piping has been
constructed. Five (5) new turbidity meters have been installed. A new CL17 has been installed.
The storm drain pipe has been constructed. Electrical work on the control system has begun.
Temporary controls have been installed at the existing ground storage tank site.
The contractor will begin the process of moving electrical and pumping equipment to the water
treatment plant in the next few weeks. We will be coordinating a meeting with the City and the
contractor to discuss the change over procedure. We hope to have that meeting within a week
or two. We expect the entire start up process to be completed by mid to late February.
B823‐1001C ‐ Elevated Storage Tank Rehabilitation Project
The construction is complete.

B823‐1001D ‐ Water Line Replacement Project
The plans have been approved for bidding by the TWDB. LJA submitted maps to the Council at
the December meeting requesting input on water line alternates for the bidding process. As soon
as we receive input from the City on those alternates, we will modify the plans and let the project for bidding.

B823‐1001E ‐ SCADA System Improvements Project
Bids were received and opened on December 5, 2019 and awarded to Gulf Coast Electric
Company, Inc. The bidding documents have been approved by the TWDB. We are issuing a
Notice of Award this week. Once we receive the contractor’s executed documents, we will
submit them to the TWDB for review and approval and schedule a pre‐construction meeting. We
are also working with the Contractor on the required documentation that will need to be
approved by the TWDB prior to issuing a future Notice to Proceed that come after the approval
of the executed documents.